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Saira (

I have been using Champion Childminding’s services for over two months. I am very happy with the setting and with the way my child is looked after. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sumaira as she is caring, honest and reliable. Above all she loves caring for children and this is apparent when I see how she interacts with my son and other children

Fauzia Raza

To all at champion childminders

I would definitely recommend and have recommended champion childminders to all my family and friends.

My 3 children have been coming to ‘'Aunty Sumaira and her team of ''Bajis' for over a year and half and from the very start they have loved it as though they were going to '''play" and learn at a family members home. The team look after my family with love care and attention, making sure they cater to the needs of each of my children. This is very unlike that of private nursery settings, which I have used before. I genuinely feel like part of the family.

The team have also supported me a great deal as part of the service providing me with advice and guidance on a variety of topics such as potty training and meal ideas. The childminders have enabled me to offer my workplace flexibility in the days I work by allowing me to change my days around, sometimes at the short notice.

I am extremely happy with the care the children get. They are provided with healthy nutritious meals and snacks and partake in a variety of stimulating activities. The children have visited local parks to collect conkers, shops and dentists. The nursery has a beautiful setting providing children with space to play and stimulating activities both outdoors and indoors.

The childminders have supported me in the development of the children. I'm often caught out by what they have learnt and can sing.

Champion childminders definitely deserve to be outstanding, as they definitely are outstanding to me.

Jo Sunley

Sumaira cares for Z as if she was one of her own but always consults us on anything that needs consulting on. We have a communication book that I set up since Z first started attending champion childminding at 5.5 months old. Its a great way to communicate with Sumaira and the staff and let them know how Z has been over the weekend or overnight, anything new she can do or any exciting things that have happened. Sumaira and staff fill it in too so that we know what Z has been up to that day so we can chat to her about her day at home and so we know how she’s been feeling too and if shes learnt anything new that we can work on at home.

Sumaira is available to chat to by phone and at drop off and pick up times. We know that Z is receiving the best possible care with Sumaira and her staff. Sumaira talks to all the children all the time and gives them development appropriate activities to aid their development. The activities they do are very well thought out and planned for each child.

Sumaira has a vast range of toys, activities and things to interest the children both inside and outside. Z loves being outside at Sumaira's as there is so much to do: from picking strawberries in the garden to banging wooden spoons on the pans on the wall to walking along the beams to riding on a trike to smelling different leaves like mint and lavender to mark making with chalk or a wet paint brush and so much more that my daughter loves.

Z looks forward to going to see Sumaira four days a week and knows each child's name in the setting. We are so pleased we chose Sumaira to look after Z for four days a week.

Mr & Mrs Nasir Ali

Dear sister Sumaira Tahir,

We as parents would like to say "a very big thank you to you for being a great help and support you have given for my child Aisha Ali to settle as you did before for my elder child "Urooj ali" that has gone to reception as she is doing very well there. It's all because of your care and confidence you are providing in your care. We have a great peace of mind when our child is in your care. We as a parents are very impressed the way you work and care for children. The way you manage your setting is very professional. You are not only a great manager but you are a very good human being as well. Excellent work. Keep it up.

Rumana Burhan

For my husband and I, choosing the right childcare provider for our daughter was a task we were struggling with. A friend recommended Sumaira and her team to us and we were pleasantly surprised after our first initial meeting with her.

She was warm and inviting and it was obvious to us that she had a real passion for her job and cared dearly for the children she looked after. She listened to our concerns, hopes, and expectations we had for our child attentively and we were left feeling confident that this was nursery we wanted our daughter to attend.

Our daughter has been attending for just over 5 months now and we could not be happier with the progress she has made during this time. Not only has she developed socially, but also her learning has excelled our expectations.

We have found all the staff to be warm and friendly and our daughter enjoys her time there. She attends three mornings a week and at times, we have required extra sessions or days to be rearranged and have found Sumaira to be extremely flexible with us.

She provides us with regular feedback and areas in particular they are concentrating on with our child to help her development and always offers me friendly advice and tips to make my life easier at home, advice we appreciate and value.

I would certainly recommend Champion Child minding to my friends and family.

Rihan & Dermot Bolton

Sumaira Tahir asked me if I would comment on her role as child-minder to our two children, Niall and Owen. Sumaira started caring for our children in September 2011 when Niall began attending school, while Owen transferred from Nursery for three days per week. Both boys are now collected from school and cared for by Champion Childminding three days per week.

We were very impressed when we first visited and it was an easy decision to choose Sumaira to become our child-minder. Several things struck us that set her apart from other child-minders at the time. The physical setup of her home resembled more a day nursery than a child-minder, being so well equipped. The professional approach to educational development and learning was also impressive. Most of all however, was the clear warmth and affection that Sumaira showed towards the children. Over the last four years these initial impressions have been well justified. The children’s area regularly changes and improves, and an engaging and stimulating environment is obviously a key priority. Sumaira has also continued to support and engage our children with educational support, especially Owen, who has clearly benefitted from the additional support. Finally, the level of genuine warmth and affection that Sumaira and Irum have shown to our children over the last four years has ensured our children enjoy their time at Champion Childminding.

So overall we are extremely happy with our choice of child-minder and how well our children are cared for.

choccybiki (

Excellent childminder came across sumaira in a local nursery then a crèche setting I found her to be very honest, reliable and helpful. My little boy, now 5 loves Sumaira and often talks about her still. Would highly recommend.

Mrs Hussain

Sumaira is currently looking after my 1 year old girl. She is very reliable and flexible for my needs. Liaises with parents and works hard to provide quality childcare.

farie100 (

Having known Sumaira for a long time, I had no hesitation in putting my child’s care in her hands. She is a trained professional, very trustworthy and approachable. As she has three children of her own, I know she has excellent childcare credentials.

Saira (

I have been using Champion Childminding’ s services for over two months. I am very happy with the setting and with the way my child is looked after. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sumaira as she is caring, honest and reliable. Above all she loves caring for children and this is apparent when I see how she interacts with my son and other children.

Dr R Arshad

It has been a pleasure to have my son looked after by Sumaira. There are many things that have really worked well. She was very respectful during the settling in period and was lead by me in exactly how I wanted it to go. This was very important to me as every child is an individual and my son was very sensitive and needed a good attachment with her before I could leave him. When I did leave him he settled in almost immediately which was a great result compared to previous childcare we have tried.Sumaira makes me feel involved, she gives me lots of information and pictures, reflecting how my son’s day was. She is happy to share her resources so that I can link with her activities at home. Sumaira’s childminding rooms have CCTV, which can offer peace of mind to parents who have never used formal Childcare Services before. She is flexible, has access to a car and engages children with Playgroups. Her children are very happy and friendly. Her services have fitted in well with my busy, hectic lifestyle, and with my desire to be heavily involved with my child’s learning at the same time. We have only been with Sumaira for 6 weeks but look forward to many more weeks.


I cannot speak any more highly of the brilliant work that Champion Childminding have done with my son!  The care and dedication that is shown at every point has been truly exceptional. They are truly a credit to both my son and my family. Finding a childminder you can trust can be a difficult task but after the first 3 hour session my child was completely at ease. My son is always happy when I pick him up and always asks at the wee kend, when they will be going back. That has to be a good sign! I would recommend Champion Childminding to anyone who wants a genuine, and empathetic Childminder, who does her job from the heart!

L Morelande

My son has enjoyed every minute of being at Champion Childminding this year, and I have been able to go off to University with complete peace of mind in the knowledge that he is in the safe care of Sumaira.

In August 2011 my partner, son and I moved to Bradford from Northern Ireland in order for me to attend University. When I realised I needed to have afterschool care for my son, I felt apprehensive about this as I did not know anyone in the area and did not have any family or friends around. However when I found out about Champion Childminding and went along to meet Sumaira, I instantly felt welcomed and at ease. It did not take me long at all to decide that this was the right decision and I have never looked back.

I felt there were fantastic facilities for children and it was evident that a lot of love and care was given to the children in Sumaira’s home. Being in a new country is not easy when you do not know anyone but finding Sumaira made me feel that I could trust someone with the care of my son and eased a lot of my worries.

I would fully recommend Champion Childminding to anyone who may be considering childcare needs. It can be a daunting task when thinking about returning to work and having to leave your child in the care of someone else. At Champion

Childminding it is evident the children are looked after with love and care. My family will miss Sumaira throughout the summer break, but I look forward to returning again in September.

Zahra5 (

We feel very lucky to have met Sumaira. She has taken care of both our children aged 5 and 1. Sumaira is very honest, trustworthy and reliable. She provides excellent facilities. Her basement play area is particularly impressive. She is also very pro active with providing outdoor activities and visits to local play groups, library’s etc. She has always made us feel at ease as parents and provided excellent childcare for our children. The children are extremely fond of her and I would highly recommend her.
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